Transmutation Devices Pedals

Mark Wurston’s first real guitar was an Ibanez Roadstar II with a Crate G10 combo. How did that first instrument influence Mark and what he and Shea Sterner do at Transmutation Devices?

“I’d say they do not, in any way, influence how we make our product.” Well, not everyone has to draw inspiration from that first instrument.

Nevertheless, inspired work is exactly what you’ll find from Transmutation Devices (TMD).

And what work would that be, you ask? Custom, handmade and etched effects pedals.

Relative newcomers to the boutique custom effects scene, TMD is quickly distinguishing itself through passion, sound, and quality. Both Shea and Mark are from the self-taught, DIY school of pedal producers, but for them opening a business just made sense.

“We were both improving and learning as builders. We’d reached a level of confidence where we really just wanted to share our awesome designs and the monster tones we were creating with as many people as possible.”

What are some of the things you can expect from a TMD pedal? “Details, details, details. Acid etched, handcrafted enclosures made to be as perfect as possible.”

Alright, it looks good, but what else sets their pedals apart? Quality sound that will get you moving. “I would say they’re something that when you hear it that first time it makes you wanna throw up your rocker horns, doom with an open drop tuning, or thrash precisely through your favorite Slayer/Metallica riff.”

Pretty good right? Transmutation Devices might have exactly what you’ve been needing to set yourself, and your sound, apart. So come on, take a look. You know you want to.