A good indicator of just how much you really want something is just how hard you’re willing to work for it. For Kevin Moore, in the beginning, it was that first guitar.

“The first guitar I owned was a 1972 Japanese Kimberly that I bought new from an electronics store here in Logan, the name of the store was the House of Sound, and I purchased the guitar with my lawn mowing money, I still have it.”

The next leg of the journey started where lots of peoples creative/entrepreneurial journeys begin: the garage.

“My business was started sometime in the eighties by building and repairing guitars out of my garage.”

Kevin is a self-taught luthier with a life-long enrollment in the “school of hard knocks and slaps”. It wasn’t long though before school passed on another of those early lessons: he needed a more professional place to work.

“I found that it was not a good situation to have people coming to my residence to conduct business, so in 1996 I scraped together some cash and opened a retail shop.”



That retail shop is KSM Music: offering full-service sales, service, and repair of all musical instruments. They even offer in-house music lessons. (Also, they sponsor music events, community efforts, and an annual Demolition Derby). Even after opening, there were still more lessons to learn, both from a practical and a production standpoint.

“When I started I tried to work with the custom aspects, but found that trying to duplicate what is envisioned in other peoples heads is impossible. So I brought together the perfect guitar in my head and developed it. My 358 guitar is a very versatile instrument that has a very unique construction method, the KSM six string guitar bridge bolts on through the guitar top down into the end of the guitar neck, which is also a pitched back neck. The bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan Humbucker and the neck pickup is a Seymour Duncan Minibucker.”

It is an instrument that Kevin is proud of, but even after all this time, it presents its own challenges.

“When building my 358, I have always related it to cutting diamonds: every step you take either builds value or can create disaster.”

Despite more than his share of bumps and bruises, this student of hard-knocks wouldn’t change a thing about the journey along the way.

“The things that I would change if I could? I don’t think I have any. Because as hard as things are, that is my education and I’m still learning a lot.”

It is a philosophy that continues to serve Kevin to this day, believing that a willingness to throw yourself into something you really want, and a willingness to learn, it opens endless possibilities and eventually, where you want to be. Come on down and let KSM Music help you get where you want to be.