“At ideaBench we are passionate about music, design, and quality.”

Kind of sums it all up, doesn’t it? But I suppose that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Rick Kreifeldt started out with an old nylon acoustic that his mom gave him. “I tuned that guitar with a tuning fork. I still have that guitar, and the tuning fork.” His interest and love of music carried him right through to college. “I used to take apart pedals and rack effects and look at what was in them.” It was that curiosity that shaped his education, focusing Rick on a degree in electrical engineering. “From coding classes to computer architecture to digital signal processing, I took every class I thought would help. I wanted to combine my engineering with my love of music, towards making music products.” After graduating (with a business minor on top of the engineering degree. Running his own company was always the plan), Rick was offered a position at DigiTech/Harman. It was a great job, so much so that he was there for over twenty-one years. But the original ambition remained: “After so long at a big corporation, I just felt it was time to start my own company.”

And so he did. A small family business, ideaBench produces pedalboards, pedal switchers and other accessories designed to perform. But utility doesn’t mean sacrificing style. “On our pedalboards we went for a real retro muscle car look. They are distinctive and appeal to an audience looking for something more stylish. We pride ourselves on providing products that aren’t just another recycled idea with a new coat of paint.”

That love of music that started all this off? Oh, it’s still there. In fact, it’s the main driver.

“I listen to music almost all day long. Even with songs I’ve known for years and years, I’ll pick out a guitar part or tone that I never noticed. That inspires me. Hearing how every guitarist can have a unique tone or feel to their playing.”

The interest in getting to the heart of the sound is a quality that Rick feels is a must for the work that ideaBench produces.

“I’ve worked with a lot of engineers that don’t play any instrument. But very few of the good ones in this business have a real passion for music and sound. Otherwise, this is just a job.”

If you’re in the market for top quality gear that is designed to be used, beat-up, and keep you looking good while it’s at it, then you need to get in touch with ideaBench and Rick Kreifeldt today.