Black Harbor is looking for one thing and one thing only: to bring you high quality, custom gear that works for you.

Cory Jensen’s journey as an artist and businessman started with, you guessed it, his first guitar, his mom’s 1974 Ventura acoustic. “I still own it and it is one of the most incredible guitars you could ever play!” For Cory, it started him on a path, a “random series of events gone right” he’d tell you, that got him to where he and Black Harbor are today.

Passion for music inspired Cory and friends back in 2003 to found the Sound vs Silence record label, right here in Salt Lake City. After a few years of working with and promoting artists, Cory saw a new opportunity.

Wanting to provide more to the local music scene than the average big-box music store, in 2016 he opened Black Harbor. Offering superior, custom gauge strings, pedals, and unique merchandise that fit the needs of a wider range of artist. Black Harbor even goes a step further in their commitment to the musician with its unique Artist Program, offering special discounts and more.

Black Harbor serves artists coast to coast and across the globe, offering experience, quality gear, merchandise, and unrivaled artist support. Odds are, they have something to offer you too.