What Is Happening At SLAMM?


Local Builders and Craftsmen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own 'Signature Model' guitar? Or struggled to assemble a 'build-your-own-guitar' kit?

Come chat with the professional instrument and gear builders located here in Utah, your own backyard!

Product Demonstrations

Come take a listen to the superior tone quality and personality that only comes from unique, hand-crafted equipment!

Product Demonstrations
New Product Unveilings

New Product Announcements

The merchants have been saving their most exciting product annoucements and unveilings for SLAMM!

Trust us. You want to be the first to know what these guys are coming up with next!

Live Music

We are pleased to announce that, throughout the SLAMM Expo, Diabolic Records will be playing host to several different Live Bands and Musical acts.

Feel free to step out and head next door to check it out!

Live Music
Food Trucks

Food Trucks

There is just something about getting food from a truck or carnival that is just plain fun. It always feels like a treat.

By all means, come check out the best instruments and gear the Utah builders have to offer, but be sure to fill your belly on your way in!

Raffle Drawings and Prizes

You must be in attendance to be entered into the drawings to win gear, schwag and other prizes!

For a Limited Time, RSVP and Get Free Entry and Double Raffle Tickets